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Sieved Mix Indoor

BUY SIEVED MIX INDOOR WEED :  is one of the historic products of the QUEST GLOBAL legal marijuana shop.

In fact, JustBob was the first company on the CBD market that tried to enhance all parts of the Hemp plant, from the smallest flowers to the resins that fall from the inflorescences.

With this mentality JustBob was the first shop to sell sifted flowers; with daily hand processing all the batches of Indoor inflorescences are sieved from which this very famous product takes shape: The Sifted Mix Indoor.

In addition to this JustBob in 2022 developed its new line of CBD Boost Weed; from the latter was born the Sifted Indoor Mix with a very high CBD, with percentages around 30%!

Thanks to this new patent from justBob, you will be able to choose Sieved in 2 different percentages of CBD.

The look

BUY SIEVED MIX INDOOR WEED :  At the sight, this product it is very clear, sometimes almost phosphorescent. The Sifted comes in the form of very small flowers combined with the resin of the flowers and a few small leaves tied to them.

The color can have various shades of red and orange and can vary according to the genetics that compose it; however, trichomes of various colors are always clearly visible which make the appearance truly captivating.

The Aroma

BUY SIEVED MIX INDOOR WEED :  The scent of this mix is ​​truly unique and intoxicating because it contains all the peculiarities of the legal cannabis varieties that compose it. The mix of flavors is truly intriguing: the sweetness of exotic fruit, the sour of citrus fruits combined with the herbaceous and earthy of the forest …; this mix makes it a unique product and a must try!


 Origin and Cultivation

BUY SIEVED MIX INDOOR WEED :  All the crops from which the selected inflorescences come are located in Italy, follow the organic regulations and do not use in any way products derived from GMOs or with heavy metals. Most of the indoor crops from which these products come are located in Tuscany and Piedmont in hilly areas.


BUY SIEVED MIX INDOOR WEED :  The percentage of CBD indicated above, even remaining an indicative number that can vary from flower to flower, is always certified by analyzes carried out in several authorized laboratories.

The analyzes of the lot for sale are always published on the site in order to give more information to our customers.

Order processing in 24/48 hours

No more long waits! Your product will be delivered within 24/48 hours from the date of order confirmation.

The couriers work from Monday to Friday, so there will be no deliveries on public holidays, Saturdays or Sundays.

What is Dry Sieve?

BUY SIEVED MIX INDOOR WEED :  Making dry sieve involves rubbing dried marijuana against a fine mesh screen which is similar to a sieve. This process causes friction which separates the precious . Trichomes are the tiny, white glands that give high-quality bud their frosty coating. They also contain the highest levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Dry sieve has a soft, powdery consistency and contains all the good stuff. It is arguably the purest and one of the most potent ways to consume cannabis. The reason why it is so potent is dry sift has a much higher THC content than regular weed.

Set Up the Dry Sieve Screens in the Right Order

BUY SIEVED MIX INDOOR WEED :  First, set up your dry sieve screens. These screens comprise a solid frame with a fine mesh base, and they stack neatly on top of one another. Each screen has tiny holes (measured in microns) of varying diameters. The higher the micron number, the larger the hole, i.e., a 160-micron screen has larger holes than a 120-micron screen. The exact micron count of your screens will depend on which brand you choose.

Stack your screens so that the one with the finest mesh (lowest micron count) is on the bottom. Directly above that should be the next finest, and so on. Place the highest micron screen, known as your work screen, on top of the stack.

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